17.04.2016 update

Soumis par Langelusse le lun 18/04/2016 - 10:12
Dannuic (Developer)

(unstable)[Fixed] Food mitigation order. Mantis #6806

Ivojedi (Lead Core Developer)

(unstable)[Fixed] Probots not attacking. Mantis #6304
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue
(unstable)[Changed] GCW winner update frequency to 1 hour
(unstable)[Changed] City and guild requirements
(unstable)[Disabled] Blue frogs, Jedi progression system, and corvette screenplays
(unstable)[Changed] Started isolating templates from the server code
(unstable)[Added] ValuesMap class and moved much of the CraftingValues functionality into it
(unstable)[Refactor] LootItemTemplate now depends on ValuesMap instead of CraftingValues
(unstable)[Refactor] Some more templates paths
(unstable)[Refactor] Some more template dependancies
(unstable)[Refactor] SHOT's objectMenuComponent and containerComponent now expect a string param from Lua templates
(unstable)[Fixed] Errors from empty component strings
(unstable)[Refactor] Moved many of the tangible templates
(unstable)[Refactor] Moved some more tangible templates and reorganized the tangible templates a bit
(unstable)[Refactor] Moved the rest of the templates
(unstable)[Changed] Resource spawn throttle x 2
(unstable)[Added] Admin command to see a player's active screenplay

nee2earth (Quality Assurance)

(unstable)[Modified] A couple of system-messages for when players attempt to heal droids without having similarly aligned Faction status
(unstable)[Modified] A few more incorrect system-messages for droid healing
(unstable)[Changed] Combat-log spam coloring for successful PSG protection , as well as for a few JEDI protections

Reoze (Code Contributors)

(unstable)[Refactor] Moved static int definitions from WeaponObject to SharedWeaponObjectTemplate
(unstable)[Removed] attackType definitions from combatmanager
(unstable)[Removed] attackType from combatCommands and replaced it with isForceAttack
(unstable)[Refactor] Moved Template Manager, ConfigManager, SHOT, and various other templates
(unstable)[Refactor] Moved STOT, DraftSlot, and ResourceWeight to templates folder
(unstable)[Removed] StringIdParam::set(Type)(SceneObject*) function. Use ->ObjectID() instead
(unstable)[Refactor] Moved intangible object and installation object templates
(unstable)[Refactor] Moved mobile templates

ASO (Community contributors)

(unstable)[Fixed] isColorPicker() suibox check. Changing color on Goggles and Armor was not working

Dannuic (Developer)

(unstable)[Added] Server command to run test scripts + example movement test
(unstable)[Fixed] Mobs now use secondary defenses. Mantis #6907
(unstable)[Added] reloadscreenplays command to the server console to allow screenplays to reload in situ
(unstable)[Modified] Allowed creatures to have skillmods for defense
(unstable)[Fixed] Creature secondary defenses are now nullified from intimidate
(unstable)[Fixed] SL buffs affect creatures. Mantis #6272
(unstable)[Modified] General combat weapon wounds now don't have separate rolls for secondaries, only one set will be wounded per round
(unstable)[Fixed] Creature secondary defenses are now randomly selected
(unstable)[Fixed] Extended secondary defense selection to droid/vehicles
(unstable)[Fixed] Auto attack queue messages. Mantis #6735
(unstable)[Fixed] Overt pets being heal able by opposing overt players. Mantis #6977
(unstable)[Fixed] isinf and isnan scoping

Ivojedi (Lead Core Developer)

(unstable)[Added] Admin command to see a player's active screenplay
(publish8)[Added] Admin command to see a player's active screenplay
(unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue
(publish8)[Fixed] Stability issue
(publish8)[Changed] Theater Manager settings to live values
(publish8)[Fixed] Screenplay stability issue
(unstable)[Fixed] Out of bounds exception

Miztah (Developer)

(unstable)[changed] Theater Manager settings to live values
(unstable)[Fixed] Screenplay stability issue
(unstable)[Fixed] Quest theaters should no longer despawn while their owner is in range of them. Mantis #6878
(unstable)[Fixed] Dageerin theaters not properly spawning. Mantis #6951, #6777

nee2earth (Quality Assurance)

(unstable)[Removed] unnecessary duplicate attack-special for the SMC Rancor

Enjoy it !

Article initialement écrit par Vanggar

[fixed] Time of shuttle and Spatioport

CHEER !! GG et merci Langelusse c'est trop cool ! ;)

Edit : c'est moi ou le Shuttle time n'a pas changé ? Ou alors j'ai mal compris.

Le temps d'attente du Starport est actuellement très réduit (1 minute ou moins je pense pour l'avoir testé en faisant des allers-retours plusieurs fois entre Endor et Dathomir), profitez-en ! ^^